Health insurance patients

If you are insured with a statutory health insurance company, certain rules apply to you as a patient. As a rule, the statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of any remedy. You only have to pay a prescription fee (legal co-payment obligation according to § 32 SGB V). Treatment must begin no later than 28 days after the date of issue of the prescription. An exception is if the doctor has noted an urgent need for treatment or a later start of treatment on the prescription. Otherwise the prescription is no longer valid and we can no longer settle with the health insurance companies. A treatment interruption may not exceed 14 days. If the interruption lasts longer, the prescription is invalid. An exception is if the interruption lasts up to four weeks due to vacation or illness of the patient or therapist. Short term cancellations, which fall below one working day, we must unfortunately charge you according to §615 BGB. We are not allowed to charge health insurance companies for cancelled appointments. This is considered fraud. You acknowledge this regulation with the signature of our treatment contract. Unfortunately, we are reimbursed by health insurance companies for a time interval of only 15-20 minutes per treatment. For this time interval we are reimbursed an amount of about 16€. In addition to the treatment, this time includes appointment planning, documentation, checking prescriptions, possible assistance with dressing and undressing, etc. Hence, no reasonable treatment can be carried out in 20 minutes of session time. The legislator supports this by writing in § 12 paragraph 1 SGB V that a treatment must be sufficient (school grade four/E), appropriate (serving the healing success in any way), economical (lowest financial expenditure).

Private patients

Once the prescription is completed, you submit the costs to your private health insurance company after the treatment.
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If you wish to continue your treatment with us without a prescription or make an appointment with us for preventive health care without going through a doctor, you can make use of all our services on a self-paying basis.
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