Pilates is a holistic training that addresses all deep and superficial muscles of the body. The focus of each exercise is the trunk muscles, the so called powerhouse. Pilates always focuses on the controlled and concentrated execution of movements. 
With us, you can get to know Pilates on the mat or on the studio equipment as well as expand and strengthen your existing Pilates knowledge. We offer Pilates for both patients and clients and try to put together the best possible groups with similar fitness levels.

Life Kinetik®

Life Kinetik® is a playful training in which the brain is stimulated through original coordinative and cognitive perception tasks. The principle of Life Kinetik® is to perform movements while simultaneously challenging the brain. No exercise is trained until automation occurs. 
Create new connections between brain cells and awaken their mental potential! Positive results of the training are for example stress reduction, improved creativity and concentration, improved attention and speed of action, reduction of errors, better perception and receptiveness. 
Life Kinetik® is great for all ages. Feel free to contact us if we have evoked your interest.

Medical fitness training

Medical fitness training is mainly about learning functional movement patterns in order to avoid pain during sports or in everyday life. In particular, the focus is on developing trunk tension, but also functional whole body training to improve mobility, stability and strength. Here we can draw our knowledge from the experiences of physiotherapy, Pilates and fitness. The training is carried out with the help of small devices, your own body weight, on the GTS device, Pilates devices and the TRX – individually adapted to you.
You can find our price list here.