Physical therapy

In our practice we treat both statutory and private patients as well as self-pay patients. If you would like to find out more about the conditions that apply to you, please see our Information.


In classical physiotherapy, we treat the movement and functioning of the human body. Physiotherapy is an individual treatment in which we coordinate targeted measures with and for you, which restore, improve or maintain the movement and function of the body.

Manual therapy

By means of manual therapy, functional disorders of the locomotor system are examined and treated. We are attempting to restore the interaction between the joint, muscles and nerves. Both active and passive measures can be applied. For example, blocked joints can be loosened by mobilisation or over-mobile joints can be stabilised.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a predominantly gentle form of treatment. It supports the reduced pumping function of the lymph vessel system. The lymph vessel system is stimulated and the accumulated lymph fluid can be better removed. Our lymphatic system is the most important transport system in the human body. It is through this system that waste products, for example those produced by operations, are disposed of. We at Servus&Moin are primarily specialised in manual lymphatic drainage after operations, but not in chronic disease patterns.

Treatment of the temporomandibular joint in CMD (Craniomandibular Dysfunction)

Treatment of the temporomandibular joint relieves pain and restores the mobility and functionality of the jaw. Therapy of the cervical spine and temporomandibular joint provides pain relief and improves its mobility. Symptoms that are often associated with the temporomandibular joint include headache or chewing pain, teeth grinding and clicking in the jaw, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, tinnitus, dizziness and reduced mouth opening.

Physiotherapy on the machine

Physiotherapy on the machine (KGG) can be used very well for targeted muscle building. This reduces pain and corrects bad posture. Also after injuries or operations this can be an optimal accompaniment for the reconstruction of muscles and movement sequences. We use Total Gym GTS® for physiotherapy on the machine. We are able to perform more than 200 exercises on this machine, which are professionally supervised. In order to do justice to our patients, the maximum group size is 3 persons. The training is accompanied at all times by a specially trained physiotherapist.

Sectoral alternative practitioner for physiotherapy

The sectoral alternative practitioner for physiotherapy is, without exception, limited to the field of physiotherapy. With the permission granted by the health authority, we are able to treat patients without a doctor's prescription. The advantage for you as a patient is to contact us directly as physiotherapists in case of acute complaints without waiting times and detours via a doctor. We are allowed to diagnose (in relation to the field of physiotherapy) and to carry out the appropriate treatment with you. Consequently, an individual and symptomatic treatment is possible without much delay. Of course, you can also make an appointment with us without a doctor's prescription in case of chronic complaints or for prevention. Unfortunately, statutory health insurance companies only cover physiotherapeutic services if prescribed by a doctor. Private patients or patients with appropriate supplementary insurance can, if their contract allows for reimbursement of non-medical practitioner services, claim the invoice from the insurance company and apply for reimbursement.

Complementary remedies


By applying electrodes to the skin, for example, the muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is improved and pain is reduced. This leads to a more favourable metabolic situation in the tissue and therefore accelerates healing.

Fango/heat applications

Heat therapy has a relaxing and loosening effect on the muscles. The penetrating heat increases the blood circulation, thereby increasing metabolism and oxygen transport. This leads to a positive effect of well-being in the warmed body region. The general rise in temperature is also supposed to support the immune system.


The application with ice leads to a reduction of pain in acutely inflamed joints or acute injuries, for example. Ice treatment is also used for oedema. It is carried out by us as a preparatory or supporting measure.


The Kinesio-Tape is fundamentally different from the conventional tape bandage. It is very elastic, which is why the mobility of the affected region is preserved. The tape is applied using a special tech-nique and stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which supports regeneration. It is often combined with other physiotherapeutic measures.


In flossing, a latex tape is used to wrap a structure with a strong pull for about two minutes. During this process the tissue is compressed and active or passive movements are performed. This allows otherwise very painful structures to be mobilised again without pain and fascial adhesions can be loosened.